1. We understand starting up and running a wedding venue during this Pandemic.
  2. Experience!  Our team has over 25 years of Internet marketing experience.   Some notable online achievements. First online Real estate listing search site, Developed one of the largest Automobile car search and listing sites. founded and developed Rugsdirects.com  the worlds largest online rug sales.
  3. Cost effective and simple pricing.  We have just one price.
  4. No high pressure sale persons trying  to sell you a more expensive listing package or additional services.
  5.  Were using the Google approach not the old Yahoo approach were you could pay for for top placement in listings.
  6. Ability to search for wedding venues by Dates of availability, Location, Venue type, Guest Capacity, And we will continue to improve our accurateness  and user friendliness of our site.
  7. Quick one stop online Signup!  No high pressure salespersons trying up sell.
  8.  20% your listing fee is put to Internet promotion.
  9.  Best Deal and value.  You get your Wedding venue listed with unlimited photos and Videos included for only $120 dollar per year or $25 dollars per month.

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